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Spices — they are the basis of the food you taste here. They guide us to our feelings and, in the same way, to ourselves. Choose something according to your mood and look further inside your own emotions. If you can’t decide on what to choose, call our Spicy and NoSpicy, and their assistants — waiters. They masterfully anticipate the wishes and desires of our guests. And remember — we don’t have hot or mild dishes. They all are a blend of spices that we can select carefully to your taste.
Ginger, Lime and Spicy Cooking Oil Tuna
Strengthens purposefulness and libido
Main spice: Ginger
185 uah
Wild Salmon with Galangal and Apple
Refreshes and eases the flow of thoughts
Main spice: Galangal
185 uah
Shrimp Ceviche with Avocado and Chilli
Strengthens the emotions and gives playfulness
Main spice: Chilli Pepper
178 uah
Octopus with Basil Pesto and Lemongrass
Energizes, concentrates the brain and enhances libido
Main spice: Basil
193 uah
Tomatoes with Basil seeds
Increase self-confidence and add expression
Main spice: Paprika
128 uah
Beef Tartare with Yuzu Kosho sauce
Gives strength and refreshes
Main flavor: Grapefruit
163 uah
Scallop and Caviar Poke
Gives energy, promotes pleasure and calms
Main spices: Garlic and Chilli Pepper
248 uah
Crab Temaki
Soothe, promote relaxation and surge with energy
Main flavor: Crab, Avocado
305 uah
Steamed Eggplant with Chilli
Helps to show emotions, adds energy and enhances libido
Main spices: Garlic and Chilli Pepper
110 uah
Asparagus with sauce hollandaise and Estragon
Promotes relaxation and enjoyment
Main spice: Estragon
198 uah
Steamed Mushrooms
Refresh, give strength and self-confidence
Main spice: Garlic
115 uah
Swiftly gives energy and expression
Main spice: Kochugaru Pepper
65 uah
Tandoori Сhicken salad
Calms, promotes clarity of mind and adds grace
Main spice: Tandoori
175 uah
Mango and Shrimp salad
Nourishes, gives happiness and a sense of satisfaction
Main flavor: Fish sauce
223 uah
Grapefruit, Shrimp and Coconut salad
Enhances sociability and emotionality
Main spices: Lime and Chilli Pepper
180 uah
Tuna, Asparagus and Anise salad
Refreshes and promotes enjoyment
Main spice: Anise
265 uah
Seaweed, Apple and Zucchini salad
Refreshes the awareness of the circumstances and speeds up the metabolism
Main flavor: Cashew
182 uah
Cucumber and Salmon salad
Balances and calms the mind
Main flavor: Sesame
175 uah
Hot Starters
Prawn Tempura with Seaweed sauce
Raises the mood and reveals the feelings
Main flavor: Seaweed
134 uah
Vegetable Dosa
Saturates, soothes the mind and gives pleasure
Main spice: Curry leaves
110 uah
Chicken and Coriander Samosa
Promotes a pleasant conversation and playfulness
Main spice: Caraway
110 uah
Sichuan Lamb dumplings
Soothe the activity of the mind and promote relaxation
Main spice: Chilli Pepper
120 uah
Shrimp and Coconut Tom Yum
Refreshes, strengthens the purposefulness
Main spice: Galangal
279 uah
Best Pho from the streets of Hanoi
Calms and promotes concentration
Main spice: Kaffir
127 uah
Chicken and Shrimp Laksa
Calms and promotes relaxation
Main flavor: Coconut
179 uah
Vegetable soup with Thai Basil
Refreshes, adds clarity to mind and concentration
Main spice: Black Pepper
125 uah
Soup with Pumpkin and Eggplant Wontons
Soothes, gives saturation and the joyfulness
Main spice: Turmeric
127 uah
Noodles and Rice
Steamed Rice
A neutral dish that can softly sate and doesn’t affect the mental state
This dish is free of spices
65 uah
Asian style Carbonara
Whets the appetite, gives self-confidence and purposefulness
Main spice: Sichuan Pepper
135 uah
Pad Thai
Explodes the emotions and calms at the same time, pleasantly sates
Main spice: Tamarind
189 uah
Mi Goreng
Promotes expression and joyfulness
Main spice: Chilli Peanut paste
189 uah
Lemon Rice
Soothes, refreshes and promotes relaxation
Main flavor: Lemon
105 uah
Thai Curry — with Crab
Enhances the communication and promotes a vivid dialogue
Main spices: Kaffir, Chilli Pepper, Basil
670 uah
Indian Curry — with Chicken
Soothes and increases libido
Main spice: Curry
163 uah
Malaysian Curry — with Shrimps
Slightly refreshes, promotes relaxation and peacefulness
Main spices: Curry, Coconut
299 uah
Wild Salmon with Black Garlic sauce and Zucchini
Gives energy, strengthens libido and a desire to enjoy
Main spice: Black Garlic
379 uah
Shrimps with Lemongrass and Avocado
Gently give energy and refreshe the mind
Main flavor: Avocado, Lemongrass
488 uah
Scallops with Tom Yum sauce
Strengthen the concentration and ability to go to the bottom of things
Main spices: Kaffir, Galangal, Tamarind
475 uah
Octopus with Miso sauce
Sates with energy, makes the mind and body flexible
Main spices: Miso, Sorrel, Anise
465 uah
Tuna with Tomato jam
Pacifies and promotes relaxation
Main spices: Cinnamon, Caraway
345 uah
Peking Chicken with Truffle
Strongly sates, promotes calmness and relaxation
Main spice: Truffle
189 uah
Veal Cheek with Apple and Curry
Promotes commitment and self-confidence, strengthens the need to stand your ground
Main spice: Curry
189 uah
Fillet mignon with Shiitake mousse
Enhances passion, promotes the clarity and concentration
Main flavor: Shiitake
299 uah
Tongue with Leek and Sichuan Pepper
Saturates with steady energy and makes the consciousness clear
Main spice: Leek
189 uah
Duck with Cardamom and Coffee
Stimulates, promotes decision-making
Main spices: Cardamom and Coffee
310 uah
Tom Yam
Soothes, but adds enthusiasm for the next push
Main flavors: Chilli Pepper, Kuffar, Lime, Cilantro
95 uah
Pastry and Apple Flower
Gives comfort, peace and helps not to be distracted from pleasure
Main spice: Cinnamon
85 uah
Meringue Flower with Lychees and Red Chocolate
Refreshes, gives light relaxation and cheerfulness
Main spice: Lychee
95 uah
Matcha Crème brûlée
Stimulates, promotes clarity of mind and meditation
Main spice: Matcha
95 uah
Chocolate and Passionfruit Pudding
Concentrates the mind, promotes the pleasure and satisfaction
Main flavor: Chocolate, Passionfruit
95 uah
Tonka beans ice-cream
Gives excitement, reveals the emotions, puts a smile on the face
Main spice: Tonka beans
65 uah
Masala ice-cream
Pleasantly cools and clarifies the mind
Main spice: Masala
65 uah
Green tea ice-cream
Softly tones up, refreshes and gives joyfulness
Main spice: Matcha
65 uah
Mango sorbet
Boosts with energy and puts a smile on the face
Main spice: Mango (Amchoor)
65 uah
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